Why do we place moral judgement labels on our foods?

No biscuit has ever robbed a bank and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a cake steal a bike, so why do we place moral judgement labels on food?🤔 With the current situation overwhelming mental capacity, let’s try and aim to see food for what it is… just food!

Of course, nutrition is its main role, but food is about enjoyment too, something we all need now more than ever. The sad fact is, when we label foods as bad or naughty, we also subconsciously label ourselves the same for eating them. This can result in negative emotions and implies that some foods are off limits. Ever been told you can’t have something? Yep, you want it even more! Often the more someone restricts something, the more they swing the other way once restrictions are lifted.

The word I hate the most though…is treat!! It’s probably the most common, even among dietitians and I guess using some dictionary definitions, it fits. However, I’m pretty sure no-one has ever linked it to a carrot and many use it as though we need to do something first to have earned it.🙄 Treats themselves have unconsciously become something negative and placed on a pedestal, you know the rest...

So let’s try and be kind to ourselves. A healthy balanced diet isn’t one which excludes.👏🏻 Sure, it places a stronger focus on more nutritious foods but if you want some chocolate, have some. Try slowing your eating down, avoid distractions and focus on the sight, smell, taste and texture, without making judgements. You’ve got this❤️