The No-Water Diet - yep, you read that right...

It blows my mind that at a time when qualified health professionals, bound by a strong code of conduct and prerequisite to provide evidenced-based advice are being incorrectly criticised, unqualified individuals are spreading ‘nutrition’ messages that are potentially dangerous to thousands of people with little regulation whatsoever 🙄

Believe it or not the latest outrageous and quite frankly frightening trend suggested by some unqualified (in nutrition) influencers is to give up water. Yep, I’m genuinely not kidding! They report it’s full of chemicals, bacteria and toxins and instead you should consume “living water” (a made up word for the fluids inside fruit and vegetables). Worse still, some encourage “dry fasts” where you have no fluid or food for 24 hours to “give the kidneys a rest”. Mind blown? 🤯

It’s simple - fluid is essential to life, it makes up about two thirds of our body and has many vital functions, including:

👏🏻Helping regulate body temperature 👏🏻Acting as a lubricant and shock absorber for our joints 👏🏻Transporting nutrients and other compounds in the blood 👏🏻Removing waste products from the body. 👏🏻It also helps prevent constipation and UTIs.

In the UK tap water is highly regulated by law with strict standards and is safe to drink. Drinks usually provide about 70-80% of our fluid needs, with only 20-30% provided from food. This diet could easily lead to dehydration, with signs including increased thirst, headaches, dizziness, tiredness and poor concentration.

Please, please, please don’t listen to this advice from these “wellness bloggers”!! 💓