Why we always have room for desserts!

Ever gone out for a nice dinner and by the end you feel quite full, telling those around you couldn’t eat another thing… then the instant you’re given the dessert menu, a tiny bit of space appears to open up in your tummy, just enough for one of those puddings? 🥞🍨🍰🍮

Ever wondered why? 🤔

Well Dr Giles Yeo, best known for BBC’s Horizon and Trust Me I’m a Doctor, and who is now the British Dietetic Association’s Honorary President, has an answer. After studying the genetics of obesity and brain control of food intake for over 20 years, he explains why.

Thousands of years ago, when we used to burn lots of energy catching our dinners, we needed to make sure that we not only met our energy requirements for that day, thus keeping us alive but also consumed extra to allow us the energy to catch tomorrows dinner too. Once full and our initial energy requirements are met, the part of the brain that makes eating feel pleasurable (hedonic hotspots) takes over, making you eat more than you 'technically' need. But how do you get past the mechanical difficulty of being stuffed with too much dinner? Your brain begins to change the type of calories it’s craving. It beings to crave calorifically dense (high in fat and sugar) foods, so that for every gram of food eaten, maximum calories are provided. Back then these may have been honey and nuts etc but fast forward to today and what's an example of these types of food...desserts.

So the next time you feel completely stuffed after eating a meal and have clearly met all your energy needs but still reach for the dessert, you can blame our slowly evolving brains. 😜